Wannabees are buzzing

Kate Church polymer Wanna Bees

Kate Church‘s Wanna Bees are perfect for today and her site is full of eye candy. We’re all acquainted with Wanna Bees in one way or another and hers are delightful buzzing sprites.

Her other creatures include wabbits and starlets. This Nova Scotia artist calls her work sculptural puppetry, combining polymer clay, wire armature and fiber.

Kate Church sculptural puppetry

Kate’s Cirque Du Soleil pieces are currently sold out and a new batch is in the works. She offers workshops at her winter home in Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Thanks to Cynthia Becker for sending us this new link – a great diversion a snowy day. Years ago while vacationing, Cynthia visited Kate’s studio. She was pleased to see an article about Kate’s La Petite Managerie in the December issue of Art Doll magazine.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    I have no words! When I go up I want to be this talented.

    • reply Michele Norine ,

      These little guys are adorable! I can’t believe their facial expressions – this artist is so talented.

      • reply alenka ,

        These Wanna Bees are fantastic! Amazing artist!

        • reply Wynne ,

          Ms. Church’s artwork is lovely and inspiring — the site, however, is mildly NSFW due to artistically portrayed nudes.

          • reply Nicole ,

            Kate Church you are a inspiration!!! Your work is wonderful and whimsy!!!

            • reply Debby Roberts ,

              I love these cuties! I make bees, but mine are fat. I love bees, except when they sting me.

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