2010 Niche Award Winners in Polymer Clay

With four 2010 Niche Awards to polymer clay artists just announced, we continue our winning streak. Here’s the list of finalists and here are the winners including Jeff Dever (2), Melanie West and Sandra McCaw. The Niche site has been updated with some lovely larger photos. Thanks to Loretta Lam for alerting us to the announcement.

And as long as we’re tooting our horn. Did you see the polymer/metal clay work of Pat Bolgar on the cover of the most recent issue of Metal Clay Artist magazine? Her mixed media pin looks like spring.

Virtual Conference

The flurry of tests and silly pictures over the weekend was my attempt to get myself outfitted for the start of the conference on Wednesday. Can’t go the Synergy2 conference? Here’s the list of attendees. Join me and Libby Mills on the Crafthaus blog for your virtual version.

  • reply Kylee (Lunes Bijoux) ,

    Congratulations to finalists and to the winners – in my eyes you are all stunning and an inspiration to the art!


    • reply Sherry Bailey ,

      Well, YAY Team!!

      • reply Meisha Barbee ,

        Congrats to all the Winners. I was thrilled to see such a nice showing of polymer clay artists this year. Very exciting, indeed!

        • reply Janice Sears ,

          Congratulations to all the Winners! It is easy to see why they won and it is wonderful that polymer clay is making a name for itself as a medium through these wonderful artists.

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