Synergy inspires Baker

Betsey Baker's new brooches

After the Synergy conference Betsy Baker decided to spend more time outside her comfort zone and these great new brooches are the result.

“Brooches are new for me and I know they don’t sell well at my shows but what the heck. I now understand why so many art jewelers make them – they’re an awesome canvas,” she discovered. Take a look at the layers of lush colors and textures that Betsy created.

This roadtrip has put me a bit behind on emails and research. Thanks for your patience while I play. Arizona tomorrow.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    I love all the textures in the brooches. You never know these may be a big hit at a show.
    I like the skinner blend blog post.

    • reply alenka ,

      She is an excellent artist, I can’t get enough of looking at her beautiful creations!!!

      • reply Pascale -Tana'Calou - ,

        I love what she did with textures and colors !
        amitiés from South of France !

        • reply Judy ,

          I am so drawn to Betsy’s work. This is a beautiful new addition.

          • reply Melanie West ,

            Woohoooo! Way to go, Girlfriend! Don’t stop… I really think you are on to something here. Keep exploring, even if it means you have to ration the time you spend outside your comfort zone. As I’ve always told you, you have a wonderful artist’s eye and very skilled hands. My guess is that you will find a niche (heh, pun intended?) for your new work. I heard a lot of wonderful comments about your work at Synergy, Betsy… And you deserve every word of it! (Btw, I am the proud new owner of a pair of Baker earrings! Heehee!)

            • reply Melanie Muir ,

              Betsy, well done, this is really different from your usual (and equally gorgeous) work and is so attractive – I am impressed at how much you have achieved in such a short space of time since Synergy – I feel as if I’ve only just finished unpacking!

              • reply Alison Gallant ,

                Wow Betsy, you’ve been busy in the last week! They are all beautiful and I love the textures.

                • reply Amy ,

                  Hi Tamara,

                  I just finished watching the tutoral video displayed on Fire Mountain Gems and Beads. I am so inspired to go through with purchasing the items needed to make clay metal jewelry and i am sooooo excited about that decision. Thank you for the inspiring video you offered through their website! I have one question in regards to the bracelet you made in the video and that is I noticed that there were gemstones in some of the examples. Do you fire those in with the clay during the firing? If so, I am just wondering if it should be underneath when firing or does it hurt the gemstone?

                  • reply Susan Nicklin ,

                    The brooches are beautiful. You’ve really accomplished a lot in a week!
                    Synergy was just amazing. I am so grateful l I was able to attend. What a wealth of information, inspiration and amazing artists. Thanks for the helpful tip, Betsy.
                    And Cynthia, thanks again for this website! I am a devoted follower 🙂

                    • reply Emily miller ,

                      Great colors and texture, Betsy.

                      • reply Sabine Spiesser ,

                        I love it when someone works outside their comfort zone and comes up with something entirely new and fresh. Your work is so stunning and inspiring, Betsy. I love big brooches as wearable art. Keep experimenting.

                        • reply Louise Fischer Cozzi ,

                          Wow Betsy, I LOVE your brooch.
                          It’s great to see you fooling around like this.
                          thanks for all the help you gave me at the ACC show.
                          and thanks to Cynthia for putting your brooch up on the blog.

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