Spring petals for your hair

Montgrand's polymer petals

In further pursuit of spring, France’s Delphine Roche de Montgrand brings us polymer petals that look fresh and fashionable pinned in long up-swept hair.

Her site has a whole section on bridal accents and I’m particularly keen on her chocolate tiara.

Vacation update

Montgrand's flowers in hair

Our vacation group is finally sitting down to work with polymer after a week of hiking, exploring and entertaining family members on spring break.

Avoidance behavior kicked in and the first thing we felt compelled to do this morning was rearrange the studio. Oh the dances we do to get in the right groove.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    The flowers look so real it’s unbelieveable.

    • reply Eva ,

      Delphine was one of my favorites since i rediscovered polymerclay after 20years (it used to be so expensive!!! ;-))
      I keept her in my list as long as her work is so “à la française”, “chic et couture”, not a lot of colours that makes problem with your clothes, and i love “Faux” in polymerclay and she’s so outstandingly endowed.
      Beautiful post indeed!
      Thank you, have a nice day!

      • reply Cara ,

        Thank you for the introduction, her work is gorgeous.

        • reply Anita Brandon ,

          What incredible flowers! They look like they are just plucked from a spring tree. Amazing work at her website and so chic and inspiring .Her chocolate tiara is a feast for the eyes….and makes me hungry. Thank you for reminding me of her work.

          • reply Delphine ,

            What a nice surprise!!! Merci beaucoup Cynthia for this lovely post 🙂

            • reply Meisha Barbee ,

              Yes, it’s all about getting in the groove…I seem to be having the same avoidance issues in my home studio. Here’s to getting our Groove Back!
              Happy Claying.

              • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

                The simple genuis of her approach—deeply texturing the Skinner-blend petals is just one of those smack-myself-upside-the-head moments–beautiful work!

                • reply Trina Williams ,

                  Forget the flowers. bring on the chocolate! I am disillusioned with flowers after having to do the dorky ones that my Joann store requires. We even have to sign a release that we will follow the corporate directions ( written by a plumber, I think.) When I do teach the class I will be directing people to these other exquisite web sites. Thanks, Cynthia

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