Polymer street art from CZK

CZK's street art polymer

London street artist CityZenKane’s has added a new video to his arsenal. His ray gun video shows the making of his 3D street sculptures. CZK sculpts the basic form in polymer, casts it and then paints it or covers it with cane slices. He also works with polymer UV and neon effects on his street art.

These additional articles and photos (here, here and here) may give you a better perspective on CZK’s work. The link is from Italy’s Leila Bidler.

I’ve been so wrapped up in vacationing and spring that I’ve neglected some of the edgier, more interesting developments in our community. Here are some of the recent polymer-related books you may find of interest as well.

  • reply Sue ,

    Thanks for the book list. I’m excited to buy Lindly’s color DVDs. I just bought ChainStyle and agree that it is very inspirational!

    • reply heartsabustin ,

      I just bought a great book by Patricia Kimle that pairs polymer clay with precious metal clay. It’s a lot of fun to read. It’s called Perfectly Paired. Check it out! She’s got some gorgeous projects!

      • reply Cate ,

        Just a bit confused here. Is this or is this not THE City Zen Cane, aka Ford and Forlano, aka the Original Polymer Gods 😉 ?

        This CityZenCane seems to be someone different.

        • reply Craig Massey ,

          Those pots of metallic colour he’s using in the video.
          They don’t look to be powder, they appear to be paint. Does anyone know what they might be?

          • reply tejae ,

            • reply Leila Bidler ,

              Thanks so much Cynthia!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
              kuddles to everyone

              • reply Sherry Bailey ,

                I’m with Cate — I am not comfortable with another artist usurping the City Zen Cane/Kane moniker — even thought Forbes and Forlano have abandoned it, it’s part of polymer clay history. Not a good thing…

                • reply Anke Humpert ,

                  Thank you Cynthia for writing about Matina Wellers and my Collection of “European Polymer Clay Art” ( sorry, but you missed the “Polymer” part of the title). Hope you all are inspired by the wonderful work we have put together…;-)
                  Some of the other books have just arrived on my desk and I cant wait to dig into them…;-) Great list!

                  • reply Cityzenkane ,

                    Hi Cynthia,

                    Thanks to you and Leila for this post. I was unaware there was another artist called cityzenkane, so appologies for the confusion. I have also shortened my name to CZK. Hope that clears things up. Keep up the great work….

                    • reply Cityzenkane ,

                      Also does anyone know of any workshops in North London, my canes are very crude and I would like to improve them.


                      • reply Cityzenkane ,

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