Polymer and laughter

Meredith Arnold's polymer project bracelet

Who better than mixed media comedian/artist Meredith Arnold to round out our week? Meredith will play with just about any materials and she usually manages to sneak a bit of polymer (and lots of laughter) into all her work.

Click through her site to see how she integrates polymer with fiber, metal, books and more. This bracelet is the project for her upcoming class with the Puget Sound Bead Festival folks. Students play with foils, powders, paints, shapes and colors and walk out with this bracelet and a smile. Have a cheery weekend.

  • reply Carol Shelton ,

    Meredith Arnold is a delightfully funny person and, as these photos demonstrate, she has loads of talent. I had the good fortune to spend a week with her at an early teachers’ retreat on Whidbey Island.

    • reply Varda ,

      Love Meridith, Big heart, great artist, and …..
      I always have to go to the bathroom before I meet her to prevent accidents.

      • reply Sydney Wellman ,

        I’m a huge Meredith Arnold fan. Her work is unsurpassed and is an instructor for Polymer Clay Collaborative & Mixed Media Retreat in July. Last year was excellent and I expect this year to be even better! Love her art!

        • reply Meredith Arnold ,

          JEEEEEEEZ you gals!!! Someone could get a really fat head around here! Okay, so call me Meredith Arnold the Comedian Artist with the Swelled Head. =) Thanks so much for your kind comments. You’re making ME laugh! xxxoooo

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