Cynthia Tinapple extruded canes

The weekend was filled with mixing colors and building canes. Instead of sitting stunned and overwhelmed on the first day of my next conference, I thought I’d prepare new canes so that I can get in the groove quickly. These canes, built with extruded triangles, are ready and wrapped for traveling next week.

Some artists have a vision of the end product when they begin a design but I simply ride the wave of inspiration and see where it takes me. Here’s how a few of my previous canes were used (1, 2, 3, 4). I wonder where these will end up.

This project also served as Internet detox. I stayed away from the computer all weekend!

  • reply Dayle Doroshow ,

    These are gorgeous colorways Cynthia. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

    • reply Jeanette ,

      It will be fun to watch them evolve…

      • reply Cindy Matthews ,

        Love the triangle patterns. I may have to do my own “thang” there soon. Not today though – just started a wee little church for hubby’s fast-growing village! 🙂

        You have a LOT of triangles there. All I can think of is how much extruding you had to do! Of late I have to wear vinyl gloves to clay (or my hands crack and get nasty) and cranking even my Makin’s professional extruder rips the gloves right up! 🙂 Wonder how many pairs of gloves I’d go through to make all those canes?

        • reply Tia ,

          ALL of your work is truly AWESOME!!!! I hope to be able to meet you in person someday and share PC ideas. Thank you for your daily inspiration!

          • reply Janice Sears ,

            I love the patterns! Extruded canes are a lot of fun and I like the easy (or easier) precision that you can get with them if you are doing a geometric pattern. I used extruded clay in 2008 to make some political sunrise pattern beads and was really happy with the results. It saved me a ton of time and my canes looked great. I look forward to seeing how you use these beautiful canes! Thanks for the daily inspiration.

            • reply jana ,

              I often wonder how you deal with so much computer time, Cynthia – glad that you gave yourself detox time. Your passel of canes is beautiful, and I can just imagine how theraputic, relaxing and fun a weekend you had creating them..

              (oh, and the colors in your canes, which match the colors at PCD, give insight into your favored color palette…perfect for Spring!)

              • reply Deb Tuchsen ,

                I always use a clamp with my extruder – one with a trigger. Saves my hands =) Beautiful canes – they have such a wonderful southwestern feel to them!

                • reply dianne moore ,

                  Terrific colors and wowswers I would love to do a clay day with you!

                  • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

                    Wow. Every single cane looks like it’s in motion. Incredible energy. It’s a great illustration to show students how to achieve energy and motion on a 2-D plane. Bravo, Cynthia. And thanks for the teaching aid. I’m bringing it to the next class I teach.

                    • reply Lauren Abrams ,

                      beautiful canes! It’s about time you “featured” yourself!!

                      • reply Dede Leupold ,

                        I’m looking forward to seeing what you are gonna do with those!

                        • reply Genevieve ,

                          I love your color sense!
                          (And I am glad to hear that someone else works that way.)

                          • reply Maureen Thomas ,

                            These are lovely…bright and colorful without hurting the eyes! I’ll have to do a little reading in Maggie’s and Lindly’s book to help me to understand why these combos appeal to me.

                            • reply Trina Williams ,

                              What did we do before we had extruders! I’m only halfway through mucking out but I have to try that.

                              • reply Marlene Brady ,

                                Hangin ten on the wave of inspiration! How fun is that? Your canes are delightful and I, too, can’t wait to see where the wave takes you. – Marlene Brady

                                • reply Cassy Muronaka ,

                                  I like that color palette!

                                  • reply Gera Scott Chandler ,

                                    Gorgeous colours!! Good strategy for the deer in the headlights syndrome at a conference too!


                                    • reply Carolyn Good ,

                                      Love the canes — they are so fun looking. Sometimes winging it can be more exciting and satisfying than having a plan —

                                      • reply Jeannie ,

                                        I checked the links you have and I love the PC on the wall. I did thay with canes by my front door.
                                        Love the canes. Sometimes I have a vision, sometimes I just fly by the seat of my pants. That’s more interesting.

                                        • reply laurie ,

                                          As always…I love the colors!!!

                                          • reply tejae ,

                                            Such fun spring colors! Way to go Cynthia.

                                            What conference are you heading to?


                                            • reply Anita Brandon ,

                                              Most beautiful and SO appealling!

                                              • reply Lynn/UnaOdd ,

                                                Wonderful colors. They remind me of my favorite old crayon colors… the ones they retired. I just love the two reddish-wrapped ones. Gorgeous.

                                                • reply Nathalie ,

                                                  love the colours

                                                  • reply Julie Picarello ,

                                                    Oh too cool! The geometric patterns are captivating individually…en masse they are stunning. Love these extruded canes!

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