Dutch polymer designs

Els Van Haasen's polymer earring design

New earring designs are rare in our world. Holland’s Els Van Haasen stacks polymer clay beads on a wire for a new and intriguing look. Does the end wire fit snuggly into the tube bead? How do these look on? So many questions.

Els’ Flickr page led me to the Dutch guild’s page and it seems that outside-the-box thinking is the guild’s mission. If, like me, you’re in search of exciting ideas and shapes, wander through their members’ pages.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    Very unique and interesting. I wonder how big they are.

    • reply Melanie ,

      Love the design style…would love to know “how big” also… 🙂

      • reply AbracadabrA ,

        Wonderful Flickr ! Thanks Cynthia for this really good link…

        • reply Els van Haasen ,

          Hi ladies,
          Earrings are my favourite items to make. These earrings are between 5 and 6 cm. You put the string through your ear and stack it back into the cilinderbead, into the little hole. I have put a picture om my Flickr page which shows it. (no wearing picture yet).
          Cynthia, many thanks for showing my earrings and for bringing the Dutch artists into the spotlight. We are very happy with that!

          • reply Sandra ,

            The design and colors.

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