Flowers for Mother’s Day

Bonnet's wavy polymer flowers

Laure Bonnet’s polymer flowers scream spring with their intense colors, wavy petals and playful accents.

Bonnet's red flower wire wrapped necklace

Her wire-wrapped necklaces are perfect for a sunny Mother’s Day weekend.

I found Laure via the Parole de pate and gadouille (aka Sylvie).

Low cost extrusion

Breil's vise extruder solution

Helen Breil shares a low-cost polymer extrusion method which also uses a vice and replaces the plunger with an aluminum tube.

Helen explains, “I use the standard clay gun. I purchased an aluminum dowel at home depot. The diameter is 1/2” which leaves a bit of a gap where clay builds up but it’s not a big problem. For easy clean up I put parchment paper into the tube before the clay is inserted (shown sticking out of the tube in this picture) and then I put it all into the vice as shown.”

  • reply Sarah ,

    ” Pretend you read French” or Parole de Pate is also in English, scroll down the left side (categories) and look for translation. 🙂
    Always start my day with Polymer Clay Daily, thank you!

    • reply Jeannie ,

      Boy, these are really screaming LOUD! Very pretty, love the design.

      • reply Tommie ,

        My husband suggested using a caulk gun to assist the regular extruder gun. He took a washer that fits inside the end of the caulk gun and drilled the hole larger to fit the tip of the extruder gun. I can load the extruder gun, put it in the caulk gun and easily squeeze in the plunger. Most people have a caulk gun, and if not, they are very inexpensive at the home improvement stores.

        • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

          Tommie – Yep, tried that and you’re right, it works. This is just a bit easier and less bulky.


        • reply Anita Brandon ,

          Laure Bonnet:Such a GORGEOUS floral necklace! Makes my heart sing. Sure would love to see more of her work.

          • reply Trina Williams ,

            You can also use a bellows type wood assembly with a hole for the extruder. Only problem sometimes the extruder or the plunger bend when you step on the bellows. I like Helens idea of the aluminum dowel. Makins made it a moot point.

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