Korringa’s elegant solution

We gushed over Kim Korringa’s simple solution to her hanging blossom earring design. She bakes scrap polymer clay armatures with pins embedded in them and forms the earrings over the bases.

She lightly drapes petals made from four cane slices over the forms, offsetting the layers.

After baking, the petals easily pop off the mounds for assembling and finishing. Kim generously agreed to share her elegant solution with you.

  • reply Cindy Matthews ,

    Very cool idea – I can see it being adapted to many more applications, for jewelry and otherwise. Thanks, Kim!

    • reply linda hess ,

      so smart! I saw some of her earrings at Cabin Fever and wondered. I though maybe a lightbulb or a ball of clay. This is so much better 🙂

      • reply Lisa Mackin ,

        Very pretty – great colors and unique design.

        • reply Pippa Chandler ,

          What a brilliant idea. So simple! Must have a go at this, thank you so much for sharing with us all.

          • reply Pascale -Tana'Calou - ,

            Very good idea !
            I like the earings finished !

            • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

              Polymer-topped headpins are fun! Be sure to put a little bend, loop or coil on the tip of the wire that you’re covering with polymer, so the polymer is anchored on securely.

              • reply Genevieve ,

                What a clever idea! Thank you for sharing Kim!

                • reply LaLa ,

                  Great idea! Thank you for sharing it!

                  • reply Sue ,

                    I’ve used the armature for a similar application but the pin idea was brilliant! Thanks Kim!! And your generosity was above and beyond! What fun we all had!!

                    • reply Peg Harper ,

                      Thank you, Kim! (And Cynthia, of course)
                      Do you work cornstarch into the surface of the scrap molds to help release the petals? I’ve always admired your cheerful pieces.

                      • reply ken atkins ,

                        I would like to get the link that she has to find out how she doe’s her work.I was unable to find any wa of getting to see her armatures.I see that 10 other clayers have already seen how this is done..maybe I’m missing something in my page.Plan to reboot system to see if that helps.
                        Would really like to know how she does it..Thanks,Ken Atkins

                        • reply Paula Gilbert ,

                          What an inspiration! Kim, I love your colors and your work. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

                          • reply Sandra D. ,

                            Her blossom earrings are stunning.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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