Twisted polymer

Locatelli on PCDaily

In the original picture these knots and curls from Lindsay Locatelli (WazoDesigns) are photographed laid on top of an Art Jewelry Forum article on contemporary jewelry. Our medium’s sculptural flexibility and color possibilities place polymer squarely in the mix for the future.

Uninhibited gestures like these move us in new directions. They’re also reminiscent of macaroni necklaces that every kid makes.

Lindsay’s Instagram post got me thinking. You too?

See more of her recent mixed media pieces on Facebook.

Plotted designs

Nicole (NiQui) takes a careful, planned approach to her polymer jewelry which looks appealing as we start a new week. Influenced by her background in interior design, this Belgian artist plots out her modern accessories.

Her Flickr site is loaded with cleanly designed and rendered pieces. The wire and polymer “Beech Nut” necklace shown here was her response to the Dutch Polymerclay Forum’s fall challenge.

I admire her calm methods especially in this frenzied season.

Korringa’s elegant solution

We gushed over Kim Korringa’s simple solution to her hanging blossom earring design. She bakes scrap polymer clay armatures with pins embedded in them and forms the earrings over the bases.

She lightly drapes petals made from four cane slices over the forms, offsetting the layers.

After baking, the petals easily pop off the mounds for assembling and finishing. Kim generously agreed to share her elegant solution with you.

Considering new bead shapes

My conditioned polymer clay and tools are packed and I’m thinking about what I want to experiment with on vacation. I’m considering new shapes and these two artists are way ahead of me.

Spain’s “CynsClay” uses open rings of polymer clay to build her Calder-like pendants. The spacer beads add color and a dash of humor.

Austria’s Carina Feichtinger nestles curved leaf shapes within each other to create the appearance of larger overlapping beads.

I’ll add these two to my binder of “possibilities” that you all have provided me with. We’re off to New Mexico.