Brandon’s faux Mexican pottery

Brandon's Cinco de Mayo polymer necklace

Our flower power week ends with fiesta polymer clay beads from Arizona’s Anita Brandon. They’re what she calls “faux Mexican pottery” and made of polymer over an ultralight base to keep them lightweight. Cane slice appliques give the beads extra dimension.

Anita wanted to capture the excitement of the Cinco de Mayo fiestas she remembered as a child. Have an exciting weekend.

Her monarch and morning glory necklace is not to be missed either.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    Anita’s monarch and morning glory necklace just blows me away. I love the whimsy and color of her faux Mexican necklace.

    • reply jana ,

      How happy I am to see Anita featured here. I don’t know of another person I’ve met online who has been more of a positive influence (unceasingly positive!) on the many polymer friends she’s touched. She cheers so many of us on in our artistic endeavors, while taking the time to research answers for those who have questions (see her thorough and so-helpful posts at!). Her work is so distinctively Anita – the subject always uplifting and full of color and interest. I’m lucky enough to own her ‘Cherries’ bracelet, a pitch-perfect (musical pun intended!) reproduction of a Bakelite original….thanks, Cynthia, for spotlighting this talented and kind member of the polymer community.

      • reply Kathi ,

        What Jana said! Anita is an amazing giving person in the polymer clay community and her talent shines when she mades beautiful pieces like this.

        • reply laurie ,

          Anita really nailed the pottery colors!!!

          • reply Marina Lombardi ,

            Wow, Anita, great taste for colours! And Morning glory necklace is breathtaking!…I guess you’re fond of ladybugs, isn’t it?

            • reply Anita Brandon ,

              Thanks, I am honored and thrilled!

              • reply Betty Jo Hendershott ,

                Anita is an wonderful person and amazing talent, I am thrilled to see her featured on your blog.

                • reply Nurit ,

                  I love your colors. They are so happy. MAde me smile looking at the necklace which is breathtaking in itself. WOW!!

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