Barbee concentrates on composition

Meisha Barbee current polymer work

When I asked extruder extraordinaire Meisha Barbee what kind of extruder setup she had, she admitted that her equipment was nothing special. She works in small batches and spends more time selecting colors and building a pattern library of small canes than she spends in extruding.

Meisha sent along a luscious sampling of her current work. (Here’s an earlier post.) Her colorways fit into small boxes that she carries between her studio and her gallery.

With her variety of components built, Meisha gets down to the business of composing, balancing, building the elements into finished pieces. It’s a good lesson in planning and prioritizing to start our week.

  • reply Jenn ,

    Thank you for that burst of color on a dreary Monday morning!
    I love seeing what other people can do with extruded canes (yourself included). The magic that comes out of a stacked pile of discs never fails to delight, somehow.

    • reply jana ,

      Meisha has such an ability with color, specifically combining ones that aren’t typically put together (and, these combos always work beautifully!). Her pieces are always flawlessly finished, too…I love wearing the earrings I got out of the trade she and I made..

      • reply Meisha Barbee ,

        Thank you Cynthia for Highlighting my work on PCD. I appreciate your kind words, and I particularly love the way you linked to a slide show of some of my other works showing various color studies. Thanks Jana for your continued support. I look forward to seeing you soon in Bakersfield.

        • reply Dyan Bruneau ,

          Awesome, love the colors and the style

          • reply Maureen Thomas ,

            I so admire Meisha’s knack for geometry, color, and flawless finish work. Beautiful!

            • reply AbracadabrA ,

              Great colors and beautiful composition… I love the way she can combine differents tones of colors in a same work, it looks very original !

              • reply Bette ,

                Your canes are beautiful. I use the extruder from It makes extruding such a breeze. I have both the manual one and one with a motor. The motor helps a lot when my arthritis is acting up. Wilma Yoost is constantly dreaming up new tools to use with both polymer clay and PMC.

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