Korpela’s crinkle cuts

Finnish polymer clay artist, Raija Korpela (Turha Luulo) has me stumped. I’m not entirely sure how she achieves that crinkle cut french fry texture on her beads but I like it.

I’m guessing that she wraps strips of wavy-blade-cut polymer on a bead core. Check out her experiments on her Flickr page.┬áRaija likes to fool the eye. Here’s an earlier post about her.

  • reply Enkhe ,

    Very interesting!

    • reply Norma ,

      Very different and beautiful.

      • reply JeannieK ,

        Cool Crinkles

        • reply Marlene Brady ,

          Her use of the wavy blade and filigree technique have resulted in a stunning piece! I especially like how she shares her techniques.

          • reply Electroforming and more ,

            […] I clean up my desk for Friday I note that Raija Korpela has kindly shared her crinkle cut technique with a picture tutorial. It’s an easy, fun distraction for weekend playing.Thanks, […]

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