Moeller-Smith sail with polymer

Moeller-Smith polymer and sterling bracelet

Robbin Smith and Warren Moeller are artists, travelers, and sailors. They live with a parrot on a 43 foot sailboat, on which they have logged thousands of sea miles.

Robbin and Warren have designed and created several lines of jewelry using the natural elements that they have collected while sailing the South Pacific, often tying those elements together with polymer clay.

Moeller-Smith coral and polymer earrings

The influence of living and creating with the island people of the world for more than 25 years is represented in their work. They mix their contemporary sensibilities with those of the cultures around them. Don’t miss the accolade from Morgan Freeman on their site as well as their blog and Flickr pages.

Thanks to Betsy Baker for this lovely Monday diversion.

  • reply Lynn/UnaOdd ,

    Wow! Wonderfully inspired work! Thank you Cynthia and Becky for the introduction to these splendid artists!

    • reply Jeannie ,

      AHHHHHHHHH just what I needed today, some beautiful inspiration. I was checking out the gallery on their blog and it’s full of some of the most unique jewelry I have ever seen…ever.

      • reply Caren Goodrich ,

        Sail on, sail on, sailors!

        • reply Genevieve ,

          Wow – that lifestyle seems like a dream! Couldn’t quite make out if they made jewelry WHILE ON the sailboat too. I would think that would be tricky!

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