Three polymer visionaries

Three little piggies went to market! And they did well at the annual ACREs wholesale show.

Kathryn Reid, Leslie Blackford and Doreen Gay- Kassel launched into the wholesale market, thanks to IPCA which sponsors a booth.

IPCA juries three polymer artists into the event each year. They share booth space, enter the wholesale marketplace and promote polymer clay…a win/win.

The pig is Doreen’s, the beads are Kathyn’s and this is my most recent acquisition from Leslie. Each of these artists has a distinct voice and a vision that inspires.

  • reply Emily Miller ,

    Congrats to all! Well deserved success.

    • reply Meisha Barbee ,

      I participated in the ACRE show this year as well, and I want to thank IPCA for giving me the ACRE of opportunity experience in 2008. 2 years ago I shared a booth with Sandra McCaw and Lindly Haunani, and I gained so much knowledge which prepared me for a very successful show this year. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to spend some time and talk with this years IPCA sponsored participants. All three ladies are wonderful artists and utterly delightful souls.
      Bravo !!

      • reply doreen kassel ,

        ACRE was a fantastic opportunity & I got to meet so many wonderful people, Meisha among them!

        • reply Sera ,

          Kathyrn Reid’s shapes are wonderful. They are simple – but combined with the other elements, they are evocative and beautiful.

          • reply leslie blackford ,

            ACRE was such a wonderful opportunity for me and I am so grateful to have been invited to participate in the show with 2 fabulous and talented ladies, Doreen and Kathryn.
            It was such an honor the be there representing the IPCG and I really appreciate the ACRE team and the IPCG for sponsoring our booth at this event. I learned so much and could not be happier with the whole experience. ~Leslie

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