Garden inspirations from Clawson

Clawson's fresh start
Clawson's queen anne's lace pendant

I’m using Kate Clawson’s garden-inspired polymer creations to give myself a fresh start. Life events have intervened and left me with unfinished projects and forgotten chores that I plan to tackle this weekend.

In my own overgrown garden I hope to find the beauty Kate sees in her lush vegetation. She says that she wants her beads to “…recall many a wonderful memory of the farm days and the great meals from the bounty of the earth.”

She impresses plants into polymer, adding paint to enhance the delicate details. Enjoy more of her work on her Etsy sites and Flickr pages. Have a rejuvenating weekend.

  • reply m.e. ,

    Kate’s work is Wonderful !
    Her pieces always remind me to slow down
    and enjoy the details found in nature.
    These beads are perfect reminders of Summer’s bounty of beauty!
    m.e. 🙂

    • reply jana ,

      love the queen ann’s lace; I’m impressed at how beautifully the flower took to clay..nice! The purple birch leaf droplet is really intriguing to me…guess it’s the unexpected combination of color, shape and it..

      • reply Genevieve ,

        I agree with jana…Queen Anne’s Lace is such a delicate flower but Kate’s impression captured details so well!

        • reply Anita Brandon ,

          I love the concept of capturing the memories of the garden and its bounty and I so appreciate the beautiful way in which Kate accomplishes her goal.

          Cynthia, May YOUR garden (real or in memory) rejuvenate you and give you a joyful fresh start.

          • reply Jeannie ,

            I’m a big fan of Kate’s work.

            Good Luck Cynthia with your chores. May you power through all of them.

            • reply Sera ,

              Fresh Start – what an excellent inspiration 🙂

              • reply Kate/OrganicOdysseys ,

                I’ve been so busy working on some beads for an art exibit that I have missed my daily dose of PCDaily! And look what I missed! Thanks Cynthia for your kinds words. Spring is my favorite time of year, but anytime is a great time for a fresh start. I hope your garden blooms and fills your heart with joy! thanks again! (and to all the lovely compliments from those who commented! )

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