Polymer with a family story

Sandra Mitchell's polymer story bracelet

Sandra Mitchell’s mother was so proud of her daughter’s work that she just had to write me. Isn’t that sweet?

I’m a sucker for polymer art with a story (remember Maureen Carlson’s necklace). Sandra’s Wearable Whimsys are full of tales like this James and the Giant Peach bracelet. Sandra’s Menacing Pearls offer glamor with a twist.

Vickie Turner, Sandra’s mom, says of her daughter, “Her write-ups, both the description of her shop and of the polymer clay articles for sale, flow like molten silk spiked with lemon crystals that slightly startle and make the viewer look again.”

Can you hear me now?

Some readers have been telling me that in the last couple of weeks they haven’t received their posts by email. I checked the mail list and it’s ok. I haven’t located the problem but I’m looking. Thanks for the heads up.

  • reply ilenia ,

    Lovely and awesome!!

    • reply Cindy Walcott ,

      This is a WONDERFUL piece!

      • reply Judy ,

        Love Sandra’s work – so want that Undersea bracelet! Vickie brags on her kids – her daughter Lisa has mad skills too, but Vickie should be tooting her own horn! Lisa just showed me her latest work with glitter that is wonderful. I can’t find it on the internet anywhere – Hey Vickie – send some of your own images too!

        • reply Eva/Le Loup ,

          😉 😉 😉
          i’m in love!
          hope to see what’s happening after!
          thanks Cynthia

          • reply Nancy Travers ,

            Sandra obviously comes by her wordsmithing honestly — Vickie’s no slouch either!

            • reply Anita Brandon ,

              Such creative, quirky, and fun pieces! I loved reading her site…….artist with words as well as PC.

              • reply Vickie Turner ,

                Ladies, your comments about Sandra’s work make my heart sing! Judy, Lisa and Sandra are both on my case about getting pics of my stuff out there. I’ll put it on my todo list 😉 I’m afraid to have my stuff compared to theirs – what would happen if they no longer worshiped me as brilliant? The dilemma of mothers with very talented daughters, sigh!

                • reply Ginny Henley ,

                  I’m reminded of “You Gotta Have A Gimmick” from Gypsy, but this talent is more genius than gimmick. Imaginitive art + great copy = success. Bravo!

                  • reply Sera ,

                    I loved the wind in the willows bracelet – would love to see a wizard of oz one. I did one a few years ago – it was torturous! lol My fave is the menacing pearls – what an imagination!

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