Better than hearts

Candid moments in polymer from Maria Saracino on

The polymer sculptures from Canada’s Maria Saracino will melt your heart in this week of romance.

This couple is part of a 10″x24″x6″ sculpture on view at Montreal’s Shane Gallery. Through her figurative sculptures, Maria tries to trigger a memory or feeling in the viewer.

Having started her career in illustration, Marie says that it was Norman Rockwell who influences her most as she tries to capture candid moments in time.

Her commissioned works will warm your heart. Follow her on Instagram.



Polymer with a family story

Sandra Mitchell's polymer story bracelet

Sandra Mitchell’s mother was so proud of her daughter’s work that she just had to write me. Isn’t that sweet?

I’m a sucker for polymer art with a story (remember Maureen Carlson’s necklace). Sandra’s Wearable Whimsys are full of tales like this James and the Giant Peach bracelet. Sandra’s Menacing Pearls offer glamor with a twist.

Vickie Turner, Sandra’s mom, says of her daughter, “Her write-ups, both the description of her shop and of the polymer clay articles for sale, flow like molten silk spiked with lemon crystals that slightly startle and make the viewer look again.”

Can you hear me now?

Some readers have been telling me that in the last couple of weeks they haven’t received their posts by email. I checked the mail list and it’s ok. I haven’t located the problem but I’m looking. Thanks for the heads up.

Fantasy flowers from Korringa

Kim Korringa's polymer fantasy flowers

If yesterday’s post put you in a flowery mood, you’ll want to follow today’s links to Kim Korringa’s garden. She posts her signature whimsical caned designs on her web site. Kim’s fish cane tutorial is a popular one.

On her Etsy site she lists one-of-a-kind designs like this multi-color fantasy flower necklace backed with stripe-edged black disks. Pure spring.

Judy Belcher sent the link along. The sun is shining and spring is on its way. Have a springy, sunny weekend.