P&P winners overview

Progress & Possibilities winners 2010

Here’s an overview of winners in this year’s Progress and Possibilities competition. The International Polymer Clay Association (IPCA) received 119 entries from eleven countries in their annual juried competition

Clicking through the IPCA gallery is organized and logical but if, like me, you prefer to rip into surprise packages with abandon, this page of thumbnails may be easier.

While most of the names of the winners are familiar and searchable on PCDaily (the search is in the left column), we’ve got some research to do on winning artists who haven’t been featured such as: Julie Sweeney, Helen Wyland-Malchow, Nancy Nearing, and Mike Devine.

A few, like Angel Goulter and Petra Dewi Handayani are hard to find online. If you’ve located them, let me know.


I smile at the abundance of condolences you sent in response to yesterday’s post. Jan was fascinated by the comments and took great pleasure when a post prompted readers to say something. She would have been pleased that her “numbers” were the highest PCDaily has ever received. I can hear her chortling.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    Thanks Cynthia for setting it up like that. It was nice to be able to click through them. Remarkable works of art.

    • reply Maureen Carlson ,

      I like to imagine/believe that our loved ones do stay present to us. SO, Cynthia, if only you knew how many of us sent warm wishes your way in COLLABORATION with Jan. Smiling. Chortling.

      We are so LUCKY that as artists we get to address all that we are and that is and call it our work.

      • reply Lynda Moseley ,

        Hi, Cynthia. My friend and fellow PCAGOE guild member Julie Sweeney has an Etsy shop at http://www.juliespace.etsy.com and a photo gallery at flickr under the name Juliespace. 🙂

        Congratulations to Julie and all the winners!


        • reply Sandy ,

          • reply Rosemary Probst ,

            Hi Cynthia!
            I am so sorry for your loss. I held you in my thoughts today and hopefully sent comforting “waves” your way.
            Take care

            • reply Kate/OrganicOdysseys ,

              Congratulations to all the winners! I just Love Julie’s ‘Scandal in the Henhouse’, somehow when looking at the mosaic I picked that out right away as being her’s. I am very honored to have a few of her pieces in my PC collection.

              • reply Jill Palumbo ,

                Thanks so much for making this interactive mosaic of the winners’ photos. It is so nice to be able to look at them and enjoy each detail without having to click so many times between photos.
                What a wonderful collection of amazing art! Congratulations to all the winners, very deserving indeed.

                • reply Angel Goulter ,

                  Hello hello. my details as follows….
                  on RedBubble as Possibilittles and workng on ebay/etsy/madeit shops under the same name.
                  On facebook under my name (should only be one)
                  Angel Goulter

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