Sila’s polymer rinds

Ponsawan Sila makes us grin as we end the week and begin a hot summer. Last summer her friend posed wearing a slice of real watermelon as a fashion statement from her garden.

Without missing a beat, Ponsawan created her own version in polymer. The rind is made from a mokume gane stack of shades of green. The interiors are Skinner blends of red to white.

She’ll be adding these rind rings to her Etsy store soon. Have a juicy weekend.

  • reply Lisa ,

    That’s really cool! I visisted her blog and love the little mini Ring version of the bracelet too.

    • reply Maureen Carlson ,

      I had the pleasure of sitting with Ponsawan for three days during the 2009 IPCA retreat. She is clever. Always. Unexpectedly. With words. With those twinkling eyes. AND with clay.

      I think wearing one of those bracelets would make one feel fresh breezes.

      • reply Sue ,

        Fabulous summer fun!!!

        • reply Trina Williams ,

          I would probably try to eat it!

          • reply Jeannie ,

            Really COOL! It makes me crave a piece of watermelon.

            • reply Maureen Thomas ,

              It just screams SUMMER! Very fun!!!

              • reply Ponsawan ,

                Thanks Cynthia and thanks Maureen, you always find the special words to describe me. I don’t even know I have such qualifications.

                • reply marcia ,

                  Too cute!!! Love it! I need to find out how I can get one.

                  • reply Anita Brandon ,

                    So much fun and so well done. That’s one creative slice of watermelon.

                    • reply Lynn Reno ,

                      That is to cool, am thinking it would look even ‘cooler’ if it look just a bit frosty, like with transparent water droplets dappled about.


                      • reply Pat Lacy ,

                        Ponsawan, you are one of the most creative people I know. It is a pleasure to sit beside you (and across the table from you) at the guild meetings. I am always interested in seeing what you do with the clay that we’ve worked on in our monthly workshops. Thank you so much for sharing.

                        • reply Ponsawan ,

                          By all mean, Lynn, I would love to see “cooler’ look. How about the yellow watermelon?
                          Pat, so you meant to say I do not always follow the instruction and end up making something else instead of what othere people are working on? 🙂 Shame on me.

                          • reply Pat Lacy ,

                            Hardly Ponsawan. You’re just darn creative and you always have a twist that others – namely me – don’t have. You inspire and awe me. Don’t change a thing. I love you just the way you are.

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