de la Torre’s shifting polymer gestalt

Madrid’s Silvia Ortiz de la Torre is fascinated with shifting colors and patterns, from soap film to fractals. A look at her Flickr page shows you how she translates this fascination into polymer patterns. Polymer was made for artists like Silvia.

I’m mesmerized by these recent pieces. I can’t tell if they’re made from extruded blends or hand-built canes. The colors pop and the patterns play nicely with each other.

Friday Giveaway

My daughter’s visiting and she’s making me tidy my library. The brand new Art of Metal Clay, a beautiful revised and expanded book from Sherri Haab comes complete with a project DVD.

While there are several polymer and mixed media artists in it, this book deserves a good home with a metal clay artist. If metal clay rings your chimes, leave a comment and my daughter will draw a name on Monday. Have a lucky weekend.

  • reply Jeannecm57 ,

    Just what I need!

    • reply Karen Woods ,

      Celie Fago showed me how metal clay and polymer are married forever! Please include me in the book drawing!

      • reply Jill Palumbo ,

        Yes, I agree, Silvia has a very unique way of looking at color. And her attention to detail, wow! Oh, and I’d love to be included in the drawing for the book by Sherri, The art of Metal Clay. Crossing my fingers that I’m not to late. It looks like a wonderful resource.

        • reply Jeanne ,

          What a cute idea to give-away a book! I would love the book as I do metal clay and polymer clay. I love the colors and shape of your polymer clay beads.
          thank-you for sharing.

          • reply Victoria ,

            I’m always looking for inspiration. The books looks like it would be very interesting.

            • reply de la Torre's shifting polymer gestaltPolymer Clay Resources | Polymer Clay Resources ,

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              • reply Katina ,

                I have a friend that is getting ready to teach me about metal clay and this book would be perfect in my library! thanks!!

                • reply Coby Schrijver ,

                  I’ve been working with polymer clay for a couple of years, but have now discovered silver clay. I would love to posses the book to learn more, so would you please include me in the draw. What a great idea!

                  • reply Cathy Roth ,

                    Every day I look forward to “Polymer Clay Daily”. It is a great source of inspiration from so many artists. I am a 2 yr. old newbie and have been thinking of combining PC with PMC. Thank you for my daily dose of clay happiness.

                    • reply Marlea ,

                      Hiya! Looks like the one time I take a few days off from the internet, and pcdaily, for our vacation to Gettysburg you have a drawing for something right up my alley! I want to let you know how much I look forward to seeing what you’ve written each day. I’m a lurker, I don’t really post my work or comment much (unless there’s a drawing, my motto is…if it’s free, then it’s for me!) but I enjoy seeing what everyone is creating and how much it differs from the things I like to make. Keep up the great work!!

                      • reply Sarah Lawson ,

                        My favourite daily email, the ideas and inspiration you put Togeather for us is so amazing.
                        The world of polymer clay inspiration reflects our communities and personalities and I would never be able to see this wonderful view of our unique world with out you.

                        Thank you for providing us this daily inspiration!

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