Bechtel’s trendy bits

I was going to stay away from pretty polymer jewelry this week but then Barbara Bechtel (via ArtBeadScene) showed me two things I couldn’t resist – pennants and lacey stamps.

Pennants are all the rage and Barbara’s polymer versions are cheery and hip with no sewing required. Her bits of lace stamped into polymer create a trendy accessory. Read more about Barbara and look inside her studio on this blog.

Q and A

Several people asked about how the polymer mosaic on my porch would withstand Ohio’s weather. I primed and painted the frame on both sides per my expert cabinetmaker’s instructions. The tiles are held in place with construction adhesive.

My experience with polymer-covered Christmas lights that survived years of snow and rain lead me to believe that the mosaic will do just fine. And really, I’ll need an excuse to create some new porch decor in a few years anyway.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    Morning Cynthia. The thought of something happening to your mosaic masterpiece…well it would break my heart. I’ll be thinking of it during our Minnesota winter.

    The pendants are surely unique. One is very fun and colorful and the lace one is very pretty.

    • reply Marian ,

      Just wanted to say thanks for Polymer Clay Daily. I just started with polymer last fall and I love working with it. I read your posts daily and use the contact links to absorb all of the inspiration I can… so many talented artists out there!

      • reply Cate ,

        A number of years ago I was interested using polymer clay for garden art and as an experiment left one of my all-polyclay mosaic tiles about 6″ square outside all winter long in Canada. That’s one long cold snowy winter. I used Weldbond for the adhesive and regular tile grout. The colours I used were black, white and gold, so I can’t comment on colours fading, which may be a problem with some of the reds and blues. My tile sailed through the winter unscathed.

        • reply Gera Scott Chandler ,

          I have had some polymer clay pieces outside for 15 years and they are perfectly fine! I think polymer rocks the elements!


          • reply Sheri Williamson ,

            I want to hear more about those polymer-covered Christmas lights!

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