Johnson's Normals

Nicole Johnson’s polymer Mealy Monsters finish our mostly non-jewelry week in style, monster style.

Her monsters have pets and sweetly flawed personalities that help you get past their horns, fangs and bulging eyes.

Leslie Levings’ Beastlies have that same sort of friendly monster appeal with their cute spots of color and tiny teeth. Check out pictures of her sales table at the recent Comic Con.

Levings' Beasties

Friendly monsters are all the rage in August but beware, the Halloween fanatics are mixing batches of orange and black polymer for darker, scarier creations. Thanks for playing along and have a monstrously fun weekend.

  • reply alisa R. ,

    Those Mealy Monsters seem familiar…. they remind me of someone…. MYSELF! –the grumpier, slightly neurotic side of my not-so-beautiful self. And the Beasties are just down right endearing!

    • reply Jeannie ,

      Monsters with pets, too funny. I admire people who have fun with their art.

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