Friesen’s TP trick

The armature for Christi Friesen’s latest wrap vessels may make you smile. She uses a ball of wet toilet paper!

Christi reveals that, “The technique is simply to take some toilet paper, get it wet, wad it into a ball and wring out the excess water. Wrap the clay around the ball and sculpt! The paper provides firmness to work against so you’re not poking through the vessel when you try to add details. Once the vessel is baked, just submerge the pot in water until the toilet paper gets all dissolvey. Then pull it out. It’s fun.”

Her new vessels will be in the next issue of American Style magazine and her annual eBay sale is happening this week.

  • reply ilenia ,

    awesome technics and very beautiful final results! great Christi !

    • reply Eva ,

      i like this!
      Beautiful vessel here today, it would make a great brooch! Sorry i’m so in love with greens and pearls and gold!!
      Fantastic work as always!
      Thanks Cynthia!

      • reply Kathi ,

        Christie always comes up with fun ways to make fun stuff

        • reply Melanie J Pierce ,

          Ya just gotta love Christi!…running now to get wad of t-paper!… 🙂

          • reply Beverlyjane ,

            Oh my how beautiful these are!!! What a clever person you are too. Always love looking at your art.

            • reply tejae ,

              She is so CLEVER!! Thanks for sharing.

              • reply TraC ,

                christi is one clever and talented lady, just so creative!!! Keep em coming we love em.

                • reply Jeannie ,

                  She’s amazing. Christi’s work is so eye catching.

                  There is a guy on youtube that does that with toilet paper rolls and makes art with them.

                  • reply Sandra D. ,

                    I always lake Christi’s work.

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