Maggie’s missing link

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When Maggie Maggio quietly fiddles and fusses at a retreat, you know that she’s brewing a new scheme. She generously agreed to share with you her latest development, polymer clay split ring chains. Making this design was a relaxing way to look busy, get rid of scrap and have great looking new jewelry. By the end of the week we had heaps of links. I got out my camera and you can see the resulting video in the right column.

Students of Maggie and Lindly’s color book will probably pounce on the concept and come up with great variations. We only scratched the surface. Many thanks to Maggie for showing us her new method which she’s calling Maggie’s Missing Link.

Download the split ring template sheet and read Maggie’s latest blog post here.

  • reply Eva ,

    Yes! What a good idea!!!
    thanks Cynthia and Maggie

    • reply claire maunsell ,

      Oh – I really wish I’d thought of that – solves so many problems….also it’s in my favourite combination of colours. Wonderful Maggie!

      • reply Barbara Forbes-Lyons ,

        that sound you just heard was my brain exploding from the possibilities.

        • reply Barb ,

          oooh…these will make great toggle clasps :o)

          • reply Melanie West ,

            Brilliant!! Simply brilliant! Maggie’s architectural background brings a discipline I totally lack, but really REALLY appreciate. I’m with Barbara… my brain is exploding with the possibilities.

            • reply Kelly ,

              I can’t wait to get to my craft room. This is just BRILLIANT! Thanks for sharing!

              • reply genevieve ,

                So very clever! I really enjoyed the video and am sitting here thinking there must not be a limit of what polymer clay can do because people just continue to amaze me with it!
                Thank you Maggie and Cynthia!

                • reply maría José ,

                  Muchísimas gracias Maggie por tu generosidad. El tuto es genial y las posibilidades de creación son infinitas, cuando se tiene un cerebro mágico como el tuyo.
                  Un salaudo desde Madrid -España-

                  • reply Christy D ,

                    I’m claying with friends next weekend and can’t wait to try this!
                    Maggie & Cynthia thanks for sharing! It’s a brilliant idea!

                    • reply Jenn ,

                      I am SO trying this!

                      • reply Priscilla Lane ,

                        You clay geniuses never cease to amaze me with your cleverness and your generosity in sharing your discoveries. Thanks!

                        • reply Gera Scott Chandler ,

                          Sharing a table with Maggie was a HOOT (eh?)
                          Cynthia- Ihope you don’t mind a borrowed the video for my blog.


                          • reply DiAnne Evans ,

                            What an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing and explaining the technique ~ like the others, my head is exploding with the possibilities!

                            • reply Iris Mishly ,

                              this is just amazing! so easy and so sophisticated! thank you 🙂

                              • reply Free tutorials from your friends ,

                                […] Maggie Maggio’s missing link […]

                                • reply Vanessa ,

                                  Thanks to this tutorial, I made my first Split Ring Chain with a friend today.

                                  • reply Split ring polymer | Polymer Clay Daily ,

                                    […] be in person and online Wednesday night at Craftcast teaching her split ring technique. PCD has featured her innovative technique and you’ll find people imitating her idea all over the polymer web. Maggie has expanded on […]

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