Briggs’ vehicle of choice

Every day presents new ideas. Shall I work with metals, polymer clay, resin or felt and fiber, or do I want to stitch beads? Does my mood reflect cutting edge modern, vintage, or something in between? My creative world can change on a whim,” says jewelry artist Barbara Briggs.

She reflects the sentiment of a growing number of artists who move easily between other media and polymer as their vehicle of choice. This cross-pollenization is widening our circle of friends.

Barbara’s site is a treasure trove, including these polymer-handled makeup brushes and this Asian Influence pendant.

Niche Awards

The deadline for entries for the prestigious 2011 NICHE Awards competition has been extended to September 17. They’d like to encourage participation from our community.

There are new categories this year including: basketry, outdoor art, wedding jewelry, paper, and religious/inspirational art. If you meant to apply but forgot the date, jump on this second chance.

  • reply Barbara Briggs ,

    Cynthia, what a nice surprise to find my work featured in your post today. Thank you!

    • reply JeannieK ,

      I read on her blog she is off to Door County. I dream of visiting that place again. It’s beautiful there. I must go back.

      Ok, I digress. When I saw the make up brushs I thought the same thing she did that they are too nice to pack away and use. I would put them on display for sure.

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