Making realistic flowers from air dry polymer clay was originally popular in Thailand and Japan. That popularity has spread to Russia, the US and elsewhere. Thin and pliable air dry clay, often referred to as cold porcelain, is perfect for simulating petals.

I tracked down Daisy Clay (US and Thailand), Rowan Craft (Russia and UK), and Deco Clay (Hawaii) and new brands are popping up.

Take a look at some of what’s happening to this contingent of artists within the polymer community.

  • reply Natalia Leitman ,

    Hello all! Thanks for the publication!)) All mine the costume jewellery and souvenirs are made from Cernit and Fimo. I am not use air dry polymer clay.

    • reply Alena\Amelie\ Chernomorskaja ,

      Natalia, i am so impressed by your flowers!They look like real! I`d like to make an orchid earrings and hope it will be rather nice too!

      • reply Olga Petrova ,

        Thank you for publication! It is True! Polyclay flowers is very popular in Russia in last 2 years!

        • reply Zahra Malak ,

          Hello Ms. Tinapple:

          Thanks a lot for what you’ve written. I do hope that this art would flourish in the U.S. in the future.

          Best regards,

          Zahra Malak

          • reply sahithi ,

            i want to make like this ,help me plz ,

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