Chasing polymer finials

This picture of Mareike Scharmer’s bright polymer finials on a fence in Germany threw me completely off track. The time I should have spent researching and writing other projects was sucked away and replaced with hours of tracking down links, translating captions, joining groups, and laughing at her riotous designs. You’ve been warned.

Mareike is a designer who specializes in rooms and library spaces for children, complete with furniture and murals. Her own house makeover is simply stunning with a Wonderland/Dr. Seuss feel from top to bottom.

There’s a smattering of polymer in Mareike’s projects. I’m betting there will be more. It’s interesting that her favorite Flickr pictures are mostly from other polymer artists (which led me all over the globe). You’re on your own. I’m not responsible.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Wow! Mareike’s work truly is impressive… and wild! I am crazy for her furniture… What I wouldn’t do for one of her cabinets or dressers.

    Thanks for the huge “ZING” this morning, Cynthia… better than a cup of espresso. 😉

    • reply Vickie Hallmark ,

      What a great way to bring a smile to my face this morning! My head is awhirl with color and ideas.

      • reply jana ,

        I want to live in that house…who could ever be ‘down’ or depressed there? Fantastic work, Mareike..

        • reply Mareike Scharmer ,

          Hey girls,

          i am really surprised and so happy about your enthusiasm !!!

          That gives me masses of power to go on this way !

          And Cynthia, you are right (!!!) i found out the art of polymer only four or five weeks ago and i am really out of order about this.
          This is my material and every free minute i am claying now…
          I am very happy, because now my world is going to be a big universe of new

          Thank you for loving my work !

          colorful greetings

          • reply Heather Campbell ,

            I love, love, love this!!! How exciting to see polymer used in such creative new way. I made wind chimes and garden stakes one summer and they were so cheerful in my garden but alas they faded. Make sure you have a good sealer! Have fun with your new polymer experience! Watch out ….you will be hooked for life!!

            • reply Peg Harper ,

              Thanks for the disclaimer. I look forward to falling down this rabbit hole!

              • reply Pippa Chandler ,

                Oh my! What wonderful art! I have loved wandering around Mareike’s flickr site and just sitting in wonder at her fantastic designs! Just fantastic!

                • reply Meisha ,

                  Wow! Jana, you are right….hard to be depressed in these colorful digs. I wonder if Mareike is a Hunderwasser fan? Mareike, and Cynthia, thanks for the morning cheer.

                  • reply Anita Brandon ,

                    What TERRIFIC work. I absolutely LOVE her use of color. I can only imagine what fun it must be living in a space that is so vibrant and alive. The finials provide the perfect prelude. I look forward to seeing where Mareike’s PC journey takes her, because it’s going to be an exciting ride for those of us allowed to tag along and see pictures of it. The virtual journey around the PC world at Flickr was very enjoyable, too.

                    • reply Sabine ,

                      I found Mareike after she found me, LOL.
                      Her art has so inspired and encouraged me to use and explore the brightly coloured world more boldly. It’s such a treat being able to soak up the fun and vibrancy of Mareike’s work. She must put a smile on so many people’s faces in her libraries. Hundertwasser is no longer on his own. Her work lifts my spirit every time I visit her flickr page.
                      Your find also reminds me that my luscious green garden really needs some colour now that it’s warming up in the Southern Hemisphere.

                      • reply Debbie Goodrow ,

                        I ignored the disclaimer. An hour or so later, an no-where near exploring all the wonderfulness to be found, I came back to say it was worth getting lost there. Thank you, thank you for leading me there!!!

                        • reply Lone ,

                          Thank you for finding such a treasure, Cynthia. I loved the journey into a ocean of colors, fantasy and creativity. Gosh – wish I lived there!!!!! Extraordinary artist!!!!!!!!!!

                          • reply Lily's Treasures ,

                            What a great and original idea ! That enlightens the cloudy days 😀

                            • reply LaLa ,

                              Great colors and fun, whimsical styles. I love Mareike’s world and plan on visiting often. I may even stay for ever! Welcome to our wonderful world of polymer Mareike!!! We are glad that you made it. Now don’t look back!

                              • reply Audrey Heffner ,

                                I did a koi atop someone’s mailbox, the polymer clay didn’t hold up well in the weather here in FL, I wonder what I did wrong?

                                • reply Constance ,

                                  I am with Audrey I must of missed something how are these items holding up in the outdoors. I have tried resin coating and that was not effective. I am hoping for enlightenment. These items are fantastic!

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