Polymer gourd miniatures

On our first crisp and gray fall day, this little basket of squashes mirrors the season. Linda Cummings makes perfect polymer Turks turbans, sweet dumplings and butternut squashes that nestle in a tiny basket. They look just like the ones at the Saturday morning farmers’ market.

If you need more fall reminders, go to Linda’s blog to see her baskets of bread and tables of pumpkins being carved. All 1/12th scale miniatures, of course.

  • reply JeannieK ,

    I’m a vegan so this are absolutely adorable. I can’t get over how real they look.
    Way to go Linda.

    • reply Anita Brandon ,

      So tiny and well done (not to mention CUTE). They look so real. The dollhouse miniature are incredible, too, especially the tiny cherries. KUDOS to Linda!

      • reply Sherry Bailey ,

        Wouldn’t those make great beads?? (I used to do 1/12 scale minis, too, but now I see them as more functional items…)

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