Karly West’s polymer clay sweets, like this toasted marshmallow, have anger management issues. During the day, Karly works as a cake decorator and at night she makes non-edible polymer versions. She suggests that the creatures’ bad attitudes may be the result of her eating too much cookie dough.

It’s easy to see how her techniques with fondant translate readily into clay.

The link came via the Cakery Fakery blog. Don’t you love the name? Who knew that cupfakes had their own genre?

  • reply JeannieK ,

    This is some serious cuteness! No calories and fat free to

    • reply Sarah ,

      Love it! Too cute!

      • reply lynn dunn ,

        oops. didn’t read close enough. just chose the toasted marshmallow in cake fakery’s contest. two different talents!

        • reply Gaina ,

          Oh, how cute is that!? 😀

          • reply Crazy Nancy ,

            • reply Valerie ,

              I stumbled across Karly’s blog a few weeks ago and love her work. SO whimsical and makes you look twice at the food she animates so well with clay.

              • reply Lily's Treasures ,

                Yumm, lightly toasted, reminds me of barbecues with friends. This one is so cute though ,D

                • reply Karly West ,

                  WOW!!!! I feel SO honored to be featured on such a wonderful blog! Thank you, Thank you!!!! 🙂

                  • reply Lisa ,

                    Karly is there nothing you can’t do.
                    That is beyond cute.
                    Can you do a chicken for my desk? LOL

                    • reply bananalana ,

                      This marshmallow is soooo cute and looks soooo tasty. I want more cute, caloriefree food!!! 🙂

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