Malinow’s skull and bones

It’s October and you can predict a month of polymer skulls, candy corn and pumpkin art. We’ll start with this new skull and bones necklace by Wendy Malinow. She’s loaded up her Etsy site with dark and quirky works that are on the cutting edge (including this poison cameo bracelet).

Wendy’s ability to stay edgy netted her first place in the 2010 Saul Bell Award competition in the metal clay category competition. It was her fourth year as a winner! The competition challenges jewelry designers to push the boundaries of creativity to come up with innovative pieces. Here’s her winning Song and Eggs necklace that includes metal clay, gemstones and polymer.

  • reply Maureen Carlson ,

    Wendy’s work always involves me in conversation with the pieces, with Self/Other and with my “imagined” Wendy. Does the experience of art get any better than that?

    • reply LaLa ,

      Wendy is one of my all time favorites! Her innovative designs are always intriguing, and to my delight, slightly creepy! Thank you for sharing this Cynthia! You’re awesome!

      • reply wendy Malinow ,

        hey cynthia,
        thanks for featuring my quirks….
        here’s to a spooky season!
        maureen – can I listen in some time?

        • reply Gera Scott Chandler ,

          I LOVE Wendy’s quirky-work…. In ghoulish fashion I devoured every bit and bite of information and inspiration I could glean from her when I had a chance to meet her in Colorado recently… she’s a fashionista-polyerrmerista too!

          Happy Samhain!

          • reply Pat Gullett ,

            Since Wendy is not protesting her Song & Eggs necklace be shown on the polymer clay website, can we assume that is the color on the pmc? No one is really saying….. It’s cool something SO unique won 1st place!! Way to go Wendy.

            • reply Wendy Malinow ,

              ….just for clarification regarding the Song & Eggs necklace: I didn’t know it was on the website, but my online presence and knowledge is very spotty…..sigh..
              trying to be better….
              The exterior color on the bird heads, etc. is actually vitreous enamel. However, each hollow formed bird head is filled with miniature polymer “scenes”, i.e. grass, snakes, music, eggs, flowers, etc.
              Hopefully, that makes me still eligible in the polymer clay book!

              • reply Happy Halloween! · Jewelry Making | ,

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