Besedina’s vivid dreams

Toronto’s Tanya Besedina speaks of vivid dreams of her loved ones, the magic of color and the spirit of joy. She pours these feelings into polymer goddess sculptures and fanciful fairy jars.

“Only with love it is possible to see the mystical light and find a key to its door. Our imagination can come to life only if we are born with soul,” she says. The earnest expressions on her faces and the quaintness of her houses tell me that she has soul and make me want to believe.

Have a blissful weekend.

  • reply Alenka ,

    Great artist! I enyojed a trip through her whimsical galleries.. Full of expressions..

    • reply Anita Brandon ,

      What special little sculptures and fairy jars that are full of whimsy and life……..and love! I find that the faces reflect a touching human-ness of emotion

      • reply LaLa ,

        What fun! I love when you share fantasy and sculptural artists that are new to me. I love her playful style.

        • reply Honey Bijou ,

          such precious little sculptures. i love that expression on the one featured here. definitely adding her to my etsy favorites.

          • reply JeannieK ,

            She is a very talented artist. I love her pastel artwork.

            • reply Olena.A ,

              The beauty of two Hearts!
              Tanya, you’re just – well done!

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