Are polymer ruffles too formal for a Monday? This new variation is from Ohio’s Cristelle Van Lingen who has twisted her earlier version of petals into a frilly bracelet.

Thin circles of polymer in muted and graduated colors have been folded in half and teased into wavy layers that nestle against each other. Amazing how a simple pinch or fold can turn polymer into a new organic shape. It’s a good thing to remember as we start the week.

  • reply JeannieK ,

    This is dreamy. I just want to run my fingers through it.

    • reply Anita Brandon ,

      I love the way Christelle’s gorgeous Ruffle Beads have metamorphosized into this beautiful bracelet. She’s been one of my favorite PC artists for a long time, I think because her work is always so unique, while being subtle and sophisticated at the same time. I also appreciate her use of delicate color.

      • reply Shira ,

        Oh, this is so beautiful!
        I have a technical question: isn’t such a thing very breakable?
        And also: how are the pieces connected to each other?

        • reply LaLa ,

          I love this bracelet. It is lovely and very wearable. Donna Kato did something like that with canes that I fell in love with and was inspired to try out years ago. It was the Potato Chip bracelet. I always meant to do more with that technique but never did. I love the ruffled effect and when you wear it you can shake your wrist like a belly dancer and it make a great rattly noise that I love!

          To Shira, I use very thin discs and slices like this in my jewelry often. I have found that as long as they are properly cured and made with one of the more durable and flexible clays you can go with very thin slices like this.

          Great find Cynthia! Thanks again!

          • reply ina ,

            Dis die wonderlikste wat ek nog ooit gesien het!!! Pragtig !!

            • reply Klew ,

              Thanks for the ruffles on a Monday…never too frilly!

              • reply Kelly @ Wave of Life Surf Studio ,

                What a great statement piece!

                • reply Shira ,

                  Thank you Lala for you answer!

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