Farrow-Savos’ women

Elissa Farrow-Savos’ women sculptures in polymer and found materials resonate with me after a long weekend sharing stories with my sisters and my niece in NYC.

Elissa says of her work, “My women…show their scars and wear them proudly because after all, they make a good story, if nothing else.”

This piece is called “Chorus of Elders.” Her work will appear in this year’s Washington Craft Show (beware, the link will suck you in).

Ingrid Gans sent the tip and I later realized that Susan Lomuto also wrote a lovely post on Elissa just yesterday on DailyArtMuse.

  • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

    Astonishing and inspirational.

    • reply jana ,

      Rarely am I brought to literal tears by artwork, but Farrow-Savos’s work has done just that. A few of her pieces communicated directly to my soul, made me know I’m not alone, and touched me greatly. Art as it should be…

      • reply Jacque ,

        I love this! Very eye catching and soulful. Thanks to the artist.

        • reply Paisan ,

          I agree with you, Elissa’s work is incredible and full of emotional, love it.
          polymer clay

          • reply Ingrid ,

            I am so pleased to see her work here, and also the beautiful post on DailyArtMuse. This artist’s work touches something so deep it is for me beyond words. Woman beyond all barriers of language and culture.

            And I am thrilled to see her take polymer way beyond the familiar boundaries.

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