Feichtinger’s autumn chill

The soothing color blends in Carina Feichtinger’s rendition of autumn flowers make me forget my list of chores and head full of ideas. I look up to see the last leaves falling from the trees.

The simple design is based on one cookie cutter shape topped with slim Skinner blend petals. Take a break and chill out with a stroll through her blog and her Flickr site.

  • reply JeannieK ,

    This would be so much fun to wear. It’s an interesting necklace for sure.

    • reply claire maunsell ,

      It is difficult to successfully achieve this kind of simplicity – take at look at Carina’s Flickr and you will see what I mean….

      • reply alisa R. ,

        Oooo… Ahhh! So simple, yet so perfectly beautiful! I never get tired of the Skinner blends.

        • reply Gera Scott Chandler ,

          Lovely Work- that studio tour must have been delightful!
          I’m taking notes on her display techniques!!

          • reply Sandra ,

            I love it her style it is nice, elegant colorful .

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