Carol Simmons has tiptoed into blogging and you can follow along as she rolls out her new polymer cane slicer. It’s a serious machine that certainly does the trick.

Carol is also unveiling new work with this Sporocarps piece. After years of looking at mosses, lichens and algae under the microscope, she reinterpreted her vision in polymer.

She’s also published a new Flickr site which gives you a quick view of how her botanically-based art has grown.

  • reply Lisa Mackin ,

    Yay! I’m a huge fan of Carol Simmons work. I’m so glad she’s got a bigger web presence now!

    • reply JeannieK ,

      I’m digging the Sporocarps. Her Tidepool and Shoreline series knock my socks off. I’ll be on the lookout for the cane slicer machine.

      • reply Meisha ,

        Wow! Just checked out the flicker site, and love, love, love the tidepool series.
        I have so much respect for how Carol pulls together her rich array of colors, in such pleasing designs. The Sporocarps piece is really interesting, and I’ll be sure to check into her new slicing machine.

        • reply Gera Scott Chandler ,

          Great to see that Carol has a blog! My head is still spinning after having the pleasure of watching her slideshow a few months ago- WOW!

          • reply Dede Leupold ,

            I love Carols work, and it is a pleasure to know her. I have a few pieces and wear them all the time! I will be needing to check out that new slicing machine!

            • reply laurie prophater ,

              LOVE…LOVE…LOVE Carol’s work!!!

              • reply Carol Simmons ,

                I really appreciate all the kind comments. Thank you so much!

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