I have a new grandchild, our first! We’ll have to Skype a look at our grandson for the first few weeks until we can head west for a visit.

What better time to remind you to look at Camille Allen’s marvelous new polymer micro babies? Her tiny lifelike infants have attracted an amazing following of swooning grandmothers and serious collectors. Camille lives in British Columbia and eight years ago learned to sculpt dolls in polymer from her grandmother. Her miniatures range from $99 for a resin copy to $5,000 for a polymer original. I’m captivated, of course.

Ditzy moves

In my anxiety I overlooked several details last week. Judy Summers should have been listed in the Niche finalists. One of her horses is in the running! And I meant to include Vickie Hallmark in the list of electroforming experimenters.

  • reply JeannieK ,

    That little micro baby just tickles me right down to my soul.

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      • reply Enkhe ,

        Congratulations for a new grandchild!
        The miniature baby is amazing!

        • reply Claire Maunsell ,

          So happy for you and your children! The polymer baby is incredible….!

          • reply Iris Mishly ,

            Cynthia! Congratulations for a new grandchild! may he and family enjoy good and peaceful life 🙂

            • reply Sue ,

              Congratulations on your new grandchild! What joy grandchildren bring.
              And thank goodness for video conferencing. It gets me through ’til the next visit:)

              • reply sandra ,

                Wow! Congratulations Cynthia. What wonderful, joyful news! That mini baby is exquisite!

                • reply jana ,

                  Oh, how very exciting! I can’t imagine (at this point in my life) anything more wonderful than a grandchild…huge congratulations to you and your family.

                  Camille’s little babies have always gotten me ‘right there’…love seeing them again, and also, sending congrats to Judy (Summers) – a nicer person couldn’t have been chosen as a Niche finalist! I’m so happy for her..

                  • reply jana ,

                    p.s. Camille’s page is coming up when Judy’s link is clicked…:)

                    • reply Ronna ,

                      MAZEL TOV!!!!!!!

                      • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

                        Thanks for the edit, Jana. Fixed it…though the link is kinda slow.

                        • reply Vickie Hallmark ,

                          Thanks so much for the link to my blog, Cynthia! I put up some photos of my favorite electroformed beads and directed people to information I have available about the technical process. I hope it inspires some to give this intriguing medium a go.

                          • reply lynn ,

                            A first grandchild! The only thing better than a polymer clay doll is the real thing. Congratulations. Your life just changed for the wonderful.

                            • reply Jennifer Bunch ,

                              congrats on the grandbaby! i have four lil boys of my own so i know how much fun they can be. in fact there is a micro baby that shares a name with my 1 year old phoenix, however we spell it without the o congrats again!

                              • reply Beverly Jane BJ ,

                                These little babies are so perfectly beautiful!!! I am trying to learn a much larger 6″ (but not babies) just people. Especially elderly people. Your talent is amazing and makes me just wonder in awe at your talent.

                                • reply Peg Harper ,

                                  Congratulations and welcome to the Grandma Club! There’s nothing like it. Who said: “If I’d known how much fun grandchildren are, I would have had them first.”?

                                  • reply Gaina ,

                                    Congratulations to you and your family, Cynthia xx

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                                      • reply Micro babies | Strummage ,

                                        […] Micro babiesWhat better time to remind you to look at Camille Allen’s marvelous new polymer micro babies? Her tiny lifelike infants have attracted an amazing following of swooning grandmothers and serious collectors. […]

                                        • reply Sandra ,

                                          I’m a lover polymer clay babies. I’m learning how to sculpt a baby and I’m doing good.

                                          • reply Micro polymer babies | Polymer Clay Daily ,

                                            […] to create a lifelike baby in polymer at micro size and Camille does it very well. Here’s an early PCD post about her. We’re expecting another grandchild in July and I gravitate to babies in […]

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                                                Maravilhoso, parabéns. Tem para vender?

                                                • reply Guiselle Fernandez Guillen ,

                                                  Buenas Noches .
                                                  Reciban un saludo cordial de mi parte la verdad es que no sé cómo explicar es que estoy totalmente enamorada de un micropolímero Quisiera saber cómo puedo comprar uno.

                                                  • reply Michelle Cruz ,

                                                    I would love to learn how to create baby figurine like this one made in Polymer, How and where can I get help?

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