Passionate contributions

Kerstin Rupprecht has perfected these extruded spirals. The edges of her clay cracks to reveal stunning contrasts. Blends flow from light to dark. What looks like a happy accident is no accident at all. Kerstin calls polymer her therapy and you can sense the meditative quality of her spirals. Though she has a website, she admits that it’s much easier to keep pictures current on her Flickr pages.

Kerstin is a special ed teacher near Frankfurt, Germany. “For me polymer clay is a passion but not a profession,” she explains. “I don’t sell my work – most of the time I give it as a gift to those I love or just keep it for myself.”

She started the first German group at Yahoo which later became the guild ( The contributions of those who are “passionate but not professional” is what has kept our community growing. Randee Ketzel tipped us off to this one.

  • reply Anita Brandon ,

    Beautiful work! Makes me smile when I look at it, especially the sunshine yellow “between Spring and Summer”.

    • reply Ponsawan Sila ,

      I am a big fan of Kerstin for many years. Glad to see her come back and share her passion with us again.

      • reply Lori ,

        Kerstin in my #1 polymer idol. I just wrote to her for the first time 2 weeks ago – I was so psyched to hear back from her so quickly! The quality of her work surpasses that of many mainstream commercialized polymer artists. I am so glad you covered her work.

        • reply jeannieK ,

          I love that she started a group/guild like that. I have been wanting to do something like that for a long time.
          You can tell she is very passionate about her work. The spirals are delightful.

          • reply abracadabra ,

            Very original ! Great shapes and graphic lines…

            • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

              Kerstin’s work to me epitomizes all that is wonderful about polymer clay–the fantastic ways in which color can be manipulated so that it literally sings; the elegant fluid forms that the material lends itself to. The simple universal spiral has found it’s best expression here!

              • reply Kerstin ,

                Thanks a lot to all of you!
                To Cynthia who featured me in her great blog, to Randee for “tipping” and to all you who commented.

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