Garbe’s jewelry with a story

The video at the right and a storybook accompany the latest polymer creations from Illinois artist Linda Garbe.

As I watched, I got caught up looking at her Dream Machine and admiring her fingers effortlessly building complicated structures. I had to listen a second time to follow her melodious words. While many artists have stories that inform their work, few have documented them in such a thorough and novel way.

Linda created four necklaces called Jewelry With Stories to Tell specifically for Chicago’s One of a Kind show. This one is called Standing in the Center of Spring. Three more necklaces are similarly captured on Linda’s YouTube page. Here’s her Etsy gallery and her home site. Thanks to Dee Wilder who sent along the link.

  • reply Cindy Matthews ,

    Can’t imagine wearing that thing but it is lovely, and her process is amazing.

    The Dream Machine is too! 😉

    But I was fascinated with how she formed the bowls for her flowers – gotta try that technique!


    • reply Dee Wilder ,

      Linda is a lovely person as well as a talented artist. She has a unique artistic vision. I am thrilled to see her featured here.

      • reply Cody Goodin ,

        Thank you for sharing Linda’s work. I was totally into the story and her creating it as she spoke. I love the idea of a video and may give that a try myself. It is amazing how the power of words and art can walk hand in hand.

        • reply Maureen Carlson ,

          Bravo! Bravo!!

          • reply Eva ,

            What another nice trip!
            So happy to listen to her and see these necklaces!
            The story makes the difference for me too! People could forget it, it would ever be here.
            Thank you Cynthia!

            • reply K Ro ,

              thanks for all those amazing links ^^

              • reply Debbie G ,

                Thank you for leading me there. I’d forgotten how much storytelling is part of the fabric of human lives.

                • reply genevieve ,

                  I love watching people work, seeing the process!

                  • reply Sandra ,

                    The video is great Thank you Synthia. and Linda Garbe I love your work.

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