Prokic’s birdland

Janja Prokic spends time in the woods with her chickens, geese, goats and polymer clay. Her pastoral life is played out in her line of fashionable birds. Her models’ hairstyles match their feathered friends’ in dramatic and delightful ways.

The one below is a detailed pink cockatoo and the model is wearing what Janja calls a Silly Cockerel.

Originally from Belgrade, Janja is a jewelry designer who moves between Prague, Czech Republic and St. Malo, France as she studies painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Right now she’s roosting in France.

Follow her migratory patterns on her Flickr gallery (her web site is down) or her Facebook page. Enough with the bird puns. Enjoy.

  • reply Eva ,

    Soooooo happy to see her here!!!
    I’m really in love with her work, she must be a great personnality and i hope one day she would work with our roosters!!!
    So so wonderful! Can’t find words!
    Bye Cynthia!

    • reply Patti Kramer ,

      So much fun!!! beautiful.

      • reply Moro ,

        This pink cockatoo is one of the cutest of the cockatoos. It is called General Mitchell and it is the smallest of the family. Her rendition of the bird is simply outstanding

        • reply Sheri L. Williamson ,

          Cute! Though the crystal eyes are a little freaky.

          BTW, that’s a Silky,/em> (or Silkie) cockerel (a crested, furry-feathered chicken that does look pretty silly), and a Salmon-crested or Moluccan Cockatoo.

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