Gloria Askin tacked a blog onto her site and I just discovered it. Her attitude about color is infectious. “My love of color is best expressed in the Yoruba belief that the more colors you wear (or, I believe, use in art), the more positive energy you are putting into the universe,” she explains.

She forms cupped polymer disks edged with contrasting colors and gathers them into vibrant and playful accessories that are bursting with positive energy. Gloria has a most appropriate Facebook profile picture!

Have a colorful weekend!

  • reply jana ,

    Often, you can pair a piece of artwork with its creator because they “match” each other, and so it is with Gloria and her creations….her work is vivid, lively, colorful, uplifting and finely crafted — and, these characteristics are what I’ve observed in Gloria herself (in the limited time I’ve spent around her…although, I’d replace “finely crafted” with “finely put together” when describing her :). Love her work, her infectious smile and warm presense…

    • reply Ania Brandon ,

      Fabulous necklace! I love the “glorious” way she combines color and form in her work and judging from vibrations and energy coming from it she surely is “putting a lot of positive energy into the universeā€. I think it’s virtually impossible to look at her “I’m so blue” and BE blue.

      • reply doreen kassel ,

        I met Gloria at Synergy, she was a delight. We bonded as we waited a very long time to see Wendy Rosen : )
        I love her colors & delicacy & her wit.

        • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

          Oh my! Exuberant is too small a word. I had never heard that phrase about Yoruba beliefs, but it just instinctively feels right..just as her work makes me instinctively laugh with delight.

          • reply Jeanniek ,

            The colors a sublime.

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