Nicole (NiQui) takes a careful, planned approach to her polymer jewelry which looks appealing as we start a new week. Influenced by her background in interior design, this Belgian artist plots out her modern accessories.

Her Flickr site is loaded with cleanly designed and rendered pieces. The wire and polymer “Beech Nut” necklace shown here was her response to the Dutch Polymerclay Forum’s fall challenge.

I admire her calm methods especially in this frenzied season.

  • reply Beth Petricoin ,

    I love the clean look of the black pendant… I often “plot” out designs in small notebooks when I’m “out” & get inspiration from something I see… but I end up sticking the notes in a folder, and then when I’m at my workbench I tend to go with the creativity flow instead of revisiting those old inspirations and ideas I jotted down… maybe time to revisit the old files and create from there for a change, instead of “from the moment”…. thanks for the reminder!

    • reply Anita Brandon ,

      I love the clean lines of her work, especially some of the sophisticated black and white pieces.

      • reply Debbie G ,

        What a lovely time clicking through the Dutch website. Gorgeous work and innovative ideas.

        • reply LaLa ,

          I am really enjoying all of the inspiring jewelry designs. I get stuck in the same old patterns and find these last few post absolutely refreshing! Thanks Cynthia! You make my day!

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