Lynn Reno (aka Desert Rubble) is having an identity crisis. She’s looking for a name for her polymer style. Industrial? Steampunk? Surreal?

Her recipe calls for a hit of steampunk, a dash of industrial and a bit of cyborg. It adds up to a whole lotta fun.

Even holiday icons like this Santa and Gingerbread Man receive receive her special treatment. Check out the rest of her designs on Artfire and Flickr. Thanks to Janet Hoy for the link to Lynn.

  • reply Susmitha - Veganosaurus ,

    LOL @ “a bit of cyborg”. 🙂 I am a huge fan of Lynn’s work. She creates some super awesome things!

    • reply averilpam ,

      I love Lynn’s work, it’s really amazing and original 🙂

      • reply Susan O'Neill ,

        Love, love, love her style (whatever she calls it 🙂 The subtle use of metallic polymer blends and her attention to detail are inspiring.

        • reply Connie M. ,

          I love her work! I especially love the Santa! He’s got so much personality!

          • reply Cats Paw ,

            Lynn’s work always brings a smile, and a “Wow!” I own one of her pieces, (a steampunk crow) and it is a treasure and a joy.

            • reply doreen kassel ,

              this is so much fun, so well done & funny too!

              • reply Shirley ,

                Love her work!!! I don’t believe that I have ever seen Santa rendered that way….but he is awesome…..That’s some exceptional talent!

                Thanks for displaying her work!

                • reply Pamela ,

                  These are just wonderful!!!! And, is that gilder’s paste she’s using? I bought some a few days ago but I’ve not had the chance to try it yet.

                  • reply Deborah Groom ,

                    Lynn’s work are some of the best steampunk and steampunkesque polymer clay work out there. They are brilliant. From the hummingbirds to the octopus she brings that “wow” factor. She has the work that makes me go, “Oh I wish I’d thought of that”. I am so glad she was featured here.

                    • reply shelly zollman ,

                      When I think of your stuff I think of… FUSION… Industrial? Tangled? Do you want a name that people will seek out (i.e. do a Google search for “fusion polymer clay”) ? or a name that people will see and wonder what it is and then look it up and think… OOOOhhhhh! COOOOOLLLL (e.g. amaranthine, or make up a *punk word like neopunk or polypunk).

                      • reply JeannieK ,

                        Yes, I agree with Deborah. “That WOW factor.” I so often wonder the thought process for this. I would have loved to be there when she made these.

                        • reply Connie Sochacki ,

                          Looks like Mad Max or Waterworld Style to me! I like it!

                          • reply christi friesen ,

                            I love these! The metalicious gingerbread man is so awesome! i just dig cleverness and Lynn’s got it!

                            • reply Lynn Reno ,

                              You are all so awesome! Thankyou so much Cynthia for this, I am so honored to be featured here. Thanks Janet for recommending it =) you rock!

                              Pamaela, I had to look up gilder’s paste =) What an awesome range of colors! Definitely on my list of things I ‘need.’ I use mica powders mostly and a bit of rub’n buff which is like gilders paste, a metallic wax.

                              Shelly, you always make me smile =)

                              I would not be nearly as creative as I am without the inspiration provided by all the awesome artists already out there, some of you that posted here in fact ;P You all show the possibilities of what can be and it is so inspiring.

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