You’d better watch out…

Look carefully and you’ll see molars sprinkled among the holiday candies on Wendy Malinow’s sparkly Too Much Candy polymer bracelet.

Look even more closely and you’ll note that the teeth have fillings in them. It’s Wendy’s wink and caution for this season of sweets.

Wendy adds her own brand of woodland spirit to the winter season on her Etsy site.

  • reply Lisa Whitham ,

    I’m a polymer clay addict of a little over a year now and I love your blog!! I found you through Facebook and have been hooked on your blog ever since.Thanks for finding such beautiful things and posting them for us. I can only hope to someday make things as beautiful as the artists you feature…

    Peace, Love, & Clay Forever,
    ~Lisa 🙂

    • reply JeannieK ,

      Delishiously Sweet

      • reply Judy Belcher ,

        I LOVE WENDY! Her sense of humor is the best – her sense of style – even better!

        • reply Christine Damm ,

          Cynthia, thanks for the “eye candy”! I’m usually not crazy about polymer food but Wendy’s stuff always makes me smile– what an imagination!

          • reply doreen kassel ,

            I love this, so deliciously witty & merry!

            • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

              I had forgotten how creepy-lovely Wendy’s work is–polymer clay as imagined by Heironymous Bosch–she should do set jewelry for Guillermo Del Toro.

              • reply Barbara Briggs ,

                I love Wendy’s work, especially the sea themed pieces. I call this one “Incredible non-edible”.

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