Israeli polymer artist Tania Poldoleanu has a way with chalks and acrylics. The soft washes of color paired with graphic patterns give her beads an ancient-meets-modern look. Her Flickr pages give you the most comprehensive look at her work.

Thanks to Lindly Haunani for the link. She’s posted some particularly colorful info lately.

My excuse

This vacation picture shows why I’ve backed away from the computer this week. Talk amongst yourselves.

  • reply Sarah ,

    I love the chalk idea! That baby picture is SOOOO precious!!! What a beautiful baby!!! Congrats!!!

    • reply Jeanniek ,

      Oh those precious moments kids/grandkids seem so far and few between.

      Tania necklace reminds me of our Independence Day. I lover your PC covered vessels. Such a beautiful body of work.

      • reply Marlene@ ,

        What a beautiful photo of you and Oliver! He could not be more content and you any happier. Almost forgot…Tania’s necklace is stunning!

        • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

          He is so lovely—-yes, far worthier use of your time.

          • reply Kylee Milner ,

            There is nothing more precious. Enjoy every single moment of the vacation!

            • reply Kathi ,

              I LOVE Tania’s stuff. I am blessed to own a piece of her jewelry.

              as for why you have stepped away from the computer, Mazel Tov Grandma. I wouldn’t step back to the computer if I was holding that little one 🙂

              • reply Kitty ,

                That’s the best excuse ever 🙂

                • reply Melinda Hayes ,

                  always love what you post. I don’t start the day without you! Enjoy your new grand baby.

                  • reply jana ,

                    Congratulations to Tania for this feature! These pastel ‘washed’ pieces are wonderful.

                    That picture is beyond precious…you look so serene and happy, and that baby…geez, was there ever a cuter one? _Beautiful_!!!

                    • reply Peg Harper ,

                      I know you’ll treasure these precious moments. There’s nothing like the smell of a warm baby! Enjoy.

                      • reply genevieve ,

                        Beautiful beads! They look like porcelain.

                        Aw Grandma! You got the perfect Christmas gift!

                        • reply Priscilla ,

                          The best excuse of all. What a Christmas gift for you and your family.

                          • reply Edgeoforever ,

                            Love her stuff! I got a few things from her and everyone is complimenting me for them. She is an original.

                            • reply ann schneider ,

                              I’ve had times when I’ve sat like that with my grandchild. Isn’t it the best. Everything else disappears.
                              Beautiful baby. Enjoy!

                              • reply Tina ,

                                One can only say “AWWWW”. What a sweet baby. Now THERE’S a vacation!

                                • reply Tania Podoleanu ,

                                  Thank you so much Cynthia, this post is the best present for my birthday (today!)

                                  • reply Tania Podoleanu ,

                                    and of course…Mazal tov for your grandchild, what a cute baby ! I wish you happiness and joy. Happy holidays

                                    • reply doreen kassel ,

                                      What an elegant & subtle necklace.
                                      What a gorgeous, precious baby, lucky baby & grandma!

                                      • reply Marilyn Gray ,

                                        Love Tania’s work…You should tell her to do a ‘you tube’ tutorial… I tried but couldn’t get it to accept my email addy

                                        • reply Marilyn Gray ,

                                          The baby is so precious! Congrats!

                                          • reply Debbie Crothers ,

                                            Brilliant necklace – chalk and acrylic! who would have thought. Now have to say that’s just the cutest little baby – my daughter would love him….and look at how cute his little chin is – awwww!!!

                                            • reply laurie prophater ,

                                              Holding a sleeping baby is the perfect stress reliever. It brings my blood pressure down just looking at the photo!!!

                                              • reply becky patellis ,

                                                That is the very best vacation picture I have ever seen.
                                                Oh, now I need to look at the jewelry pics.

                                                • reply DiAnne Evans ,

                                                  Cynthia! He is soooooooo precious and you look like you’re in heaven : ) What a wonderful vacation picture!!

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