Arendt’s sculptural diversion

This polymer sculpture from Berlin’s Angelika Arendt fits with my Arizona surroundings today.

We’ve been steeped in holiday themes and buried in beads lately. Angelika’s sculptures provide a freeform diversion that may give you a new outlook for 2011.

If you’re looking for reading material, let me direct you to recent meaty posts by Lindly Haunani, Tory Hughes and Christi Friesen while I continue in babysitting mode.

  • reply laurie prophater ,

    I visited her Flickr page…WOW!!!

    • reply Tory Hughes ,

      Hello Cynthia!
      What intriguing work. Nice to see Arendt’s personalized use of polymer to pursue her own aesthetic agenda, what a good reminder to master the material for one’s artistic goals. This landscape feel brings back a piece I saw long ago in Sedona, a standing life-size female nude, treated as a landscape: covered in mosses and small trees from a model rr shop, with tiny caves and small pools… Wish remembered the artist’s name. Thanks for the memories, and your daily reminders of what polymer can be about. And may you and your family have lovely holidays in Arizona!
      ps Thank you also for mentioning my blog post on creativity!

      • reply Jeanniek ,

        Thanks Cynthia for the additional tasty links. Those are some very talented ladies.

        Two things immediately came to mind about Angelika’s sculpture . How big is it and how long did it take to create? I wish I could touch it, it’s incredible.

        • reply Pati Bannister ,

          Thank you for publishing this gorgeous piece. It is stunning and something to explore and enjoy extensively.

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