These festive plaid-patterned polymer beads are from Finland’s Raija Korpela (signeera). The colored checks are a lovely spin on Maggie Maggio’s colorwashed technique. Scroll down here in the comments for Raija’s explanation of her variation.

Raija credits Maggie and Lindly’s book as her inspiration. See more variations on her Flickr page.

  • reply genevieve ,

    What a great plaid!
    I love how in step #6 of her explanation she says that you “magically” see the plaid. Many polymer techniques do seem magical, don’t they?

    • reply claire maunsell ,

      I love it! I think I am very fond of blurred images in polymer – so soft!

      • reply Marlene Brady ,

        It’s a beautiful Christmas plaid! I, too, love her use of the word “magically”. it is what keeps me drawn to polymer.

        • reply Elizabeth Freeman ,

          How special are those? Very. Also, very Christmas like. Thanks for a very new look.

          • reply Deb Raita ,

            Lovely and inspiring

            • reply Jill Palumbo ,

              Thanks so much for sharing these discoveries. I love plaids, and this is truly magical.
              I find that it is never a good day if I don’t have time to come read PCD. Thanks for your interesting posts and constant attention to detail.

              • reply Nance Ross ,

                That is a plaid, but it is NOT a tartan. A tartan’s pattern must be approved by the official Tartan Society in Scotland, and usually belongs to a clan, a geographical entity, an organization or a branch of special battalian of the military. There is also a special tartan for each member of the Royal Family.
                The work she does is lovely, and is certainly plaid…..I do tartans….not as pretty, but specific ones for my clan or clans of other Scots.
                Thank you for sharing her lovely work. Nance (Donaldson) Ross

                • reply Maggie Maggio ,

                  At the last Synergy I demonstrated how to make a plaid from striped canes using the colorwashing technique and encouraged everyone to play with it. I don’t think Riaja was there but this is exactly what I was hoping for!
                  These are beautiful!

                  • reply Ingrid ,

                    I am not really a plaids person, but find these beads utterly delightful. Every new technique I see and love makes me sigh and realize polymer clay will probably keep me learning for the rest of my life.

                    • reply Meisha ,

                      What a delight to open up PCD and find the fun brightly colored plaids. They remind me of the colorful Madras plaids of India. Nicely done. Raija, keep playing and experimenting with new creative directions. Love it.

                      • reply Tina ,

                        I am interested in learning how to make jewelry using polymer clay. Can you suggest the best resources. I am completely new to this. I love these plaid and can’t image how to make them. They’re beautiful.

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