Who else is shouting “TADA”?

I’d forgotten what a relief it is to bring an idea to life.Tada! See my “in progress” shots here.

Joining the TADA365 project has kept me in the studio and off the computer. I’m getting ahead but falling behind!

I’m happy to show you the results of my first efforts, a heart bangle covered with extruded triangle slices. It’s a design that’s been rolling around in my head ever since I saw Melanie West demonstrate the method she developed for her bio-bangles.

The twinkle of the glitter in the “special effects” Premo that’s mixed in some of the colors doesn’t show in the photographs. It gives the piece subtle glitz. I was introduced to glitter clay by a five-year-old friend and love how Dayle Doroshow mixes it sparingly in her work.

  • reply Marian Hertzog ,

    Love it! Your blog is always an inspiration!

    • reply Anita Brandon ,

      Totally drawn to this piece……..the unusual and creative shape, as well as the optimistic colors and visuals patterns. So glad that your design ideas rolled out of your head into your hands! It would be perfect on the wrist of a high fashion model in a runway show. Wishing you many more TADA’s to share.

      • reply Kathleen Anderson ,

        Thanks for this entry on extruded canes! Images you presented help bring excitement to my creative imagination!!!

        • reply Ponsawan Sila ,

          Glad to see you at TADA365.

          • reply Lisa Clarke ,

            I love your color choices – very springy!

            • reply mira ,

              This is fabulous. The process photos explain the project perfectly. I love the shape you chose. Thank you.

              • reply PLaneFancies ,

                Love the triangles. Hadn’t seen those before. Especially love your choice of bright colors. And thanks for posting notes with your work in progress. Also hadn’t thought of using ultralight as a base for bracelets, but that makes great sense.

                • reply Pam ,

                  Wow, I can’t stop looking at it, beautiful!

                  • reply Mags Bonham ,

                    Awesome Cynthia…very inspiring!

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