UK’s Claire Wallis offers a “tada!” of her own with this knitted polymer cuff bracelet. She says that faux knitting was an experiment which she shares in a short visual tutorial on Flickr. My eyes had a hard time believing what I was seeing.

Claire used light cream colored polymer to keep the focus on texture in this piece. Imagine the possibilities that colored “yarn” would add.

  • reply Christine Damm ,

    It’s amazing how small steps equal complex design! The tutorial really lays it out. Thanks, Cynthia!

    • reply Anita Brandon ,

      WOW, what a fantastic idea and so well executed it boggles the mind. Looks BETTER than much real hand knitting. Seems like the possibilities with PC are ended. How generous of Claire to share her idea in a tute!

      • reply Melinda Hayes ,

        OMG! How cool is that! I am going to that tut right now. Hmm. Wonder if you can crochet with clay!

        • reply Ronna ,

          Delightful. It looks like her creativity is also matched by elegant craftsmanship. Marie Segal is also a polymer knitting pioneer. Search “Marie Segal” on flickr to see more knitting with polymer.

          • reply Ronna ,

            Holy cow! I wrote that last comment, then visited Claire’s tutorial. She isn’t knitting — she’s creating a faux knit. Now I need to put CRAFTSMANSHIP in all caps. That she pulled off the symmetry row after row … astonishing.

            • reply Jance Sears ,

              That is just amazing! I was expecting an article about knitting, but her idea of achieving the appearance of knitting is even more fascinating.

              • reply Melanie J. Pierce ,

                Claire, This piece totally blows me away….it seems like every time I turn around something, or should I say someone does something new with this medium…This is a perfect example! Kudo’s to you!…. ­čÖé

                • reply Artybecca ,

                  I think it may have just been proven that there’s almost no material that polymer clay can’t mimic!

                  • reply Brenda Urquhart ,

                    HOW INGENIOUS!!!! Now make molds to sale to those of us who lack the patience to put in the time that this took…I crochet and have made molds from my completed works…the molds produce very realistic replicas…I’d buy the molds in a New York Minute…Bravo Lulu !!!

                    • reply Barbara Briggs ,

                      I used to own a yarn shop…how cool it would have been to have polymer clay “knit” cuffs then. What a great technique!

                      • reply Claire Wallis ,

                        thank you.
                        being featured on PCD has really made my day! : )

                        • reply Susan ,

                          This is fantastic, I am definitely going to have to try this

                          • reply Susan O'Neill ,

                            Just amazing!!! (I initially thought that this WAS knitted, then maybe stabilized with TLS.) The patience involved for any sizable area boggles my mind…can you imagine doing some cables?

                            • reply Cynthia Becker ,

                              Oh, this is better than knitting; no chance of dropping stitches! Thank you for sharing with a tutorial, Claire.

                              • reply genevieve ,

                                What beautiful work!

                                • reply Sandra Tan ,

                                  Wow! What a great tutorial, Claire! Thanks for sharing. Now I’m inspired to experiment with faux knitting myself.

                                  • reply Carol Blackburn ,

                                    Totally convincing. I was fooled! Good to see another Brit featured here. Hope you come to one of our London clay days.

                                    • reply Sera ,

                                      OMG. That is so real – its spooky. Reminds me of one of those reborn babies…you can’t be absolutely sure they are not genuine…lol.

                                      What a clever tutorial – I’m super impressed.

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                                          • reply Nan Roche ,

                                            Claire this is a really wonderful idea and thank you for sharing it. I love fiber techniques with extruded clay and I have explored some of them but would have never thought of this approach to knitting! I love your work! Nan

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